Rocking Robin. 

To all of my former students' parents, I'm sorry. I apologize now for the ridiculous projects I thought were a fabulous idea but were actually more work on you. I think I'm getting {pay back} for my first 6 years teaching before I had my own children. You know, when I was so stressed and busy and had no time in the world, otherwise known as all the time in the world now that you throw kids in the mix!

She must have seen the look of panic on my face when I thought we had to return the bird and the binder THE NEXT DAY. "Oh, you can keep it through Thanksgiving Break!" like she was doing me a favor.

"Please limit your adventures to just the front and back of this paper." Ummm what?! This is not a scrapbook of Rockin' Robin and your child. In fact, it should be a picture they drew of the stuffed animal and their adventures {aka a huge red blob on the paper with a beak} and a quick sentence or two from you.

I truly appreciate one mom who wrote "The first adventure that Rockin' Robin did was go for a bath in the washing machine and dryer. He spun around in there!" This made me feel so much better when my littlest intern was rubbing the robin all over his face. It doesn't matter that this bath  was a few kids ago, right?!


What if we lose the robin?!

What if 

Throwback to the 90s~ Turn that CD Holder into a Toy Garage!

Remember rocking out to your favorite 90s boy band, and storing all of your CDs in a little house?! No, that was just in my family? Well I took this old CD holder {house!} and turned it into a garage for all of those trucks we "drive" around here!

              Little interns hard at work in their mismatched pjs!

              Little interns hard at work in their mismatched pjs!

For this month's Link Up Party, we painted with chalk paint! Since I was really unsure of how the chalk paint would stick to the previous paint on the house, we did a quick base coat of primer. Painting was an excellent rainy day activity for my little interns {and guest interns!}.

The original roof contrasted the teal color we painted with, so we *tried* not to paint the roof! {My littlest intern may have missed this memo!}.


We played games while we left each coat to dry. Pro Tip: the thinner the coats of paint you use, the faster it dries! {So spread out those globs left by your little ones if you're trying to DIY this!}. A couple of quick coats of teal chalk paint, and viola!~ it's done!

           The finished product!

           The finished product!


The little interns love to play with their new toy garage, and I am thrilled to turn something old into something new and useful. The chalk paint was easy to use and apply, and hopefully it holds up to all of the truck driving and parking in the play room!

Have YOU ever done a chalk paint project!? I would love to hear about it in the comments, or join the conversation in The Creigh~ative Connection, my FREE Facebook group for busy moms just like you! Click here to join the Creigh~ative Connection.


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