5 Tips to Make Your Best Handprint Crafts

Who doesn't love getting flowers?! While maybe not the same as a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, these flowers are not going to wilt  and you'll  have those little handprints forever!


This is a great idea for a card, or frame it for an Easter, Mother's Day, or a "just because" gift for someone special. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love {ok, I'm obsessed} anything with little tiny handprints! We make cards for almost every major holiday to send to friends & family. 

Since we do this so often, I thought I'd share a few tips:

  1. Have ALL materials ready. The foam brushes, the cardstock, the paint on a plate, the wet papertowels or wipes~ everything needs to be out on the table BEFORE you strap that toddler into a highchair. I know what you're thinking~ my toddler doesn't use a highchair anymore. Well, find a booster seat or something for this project. You want them strapped and unable to move {I mean, do you want purple handprints all over your kitchen?!} 
  2. Get a helper. While you probably could do this by yourself, why not invite a few other moms over and work together and make a bunch of cards at once? One person's job is to guard the painted hand {seriously, that's it!} She can repaint it but her one and only role is to hold.that.little.wrist! {You can thank me later!}
  3. Don't clump the paint. Spread a thin layer and then immediately press onto the cardstock. Do all of the flowers for that one child & repaint the hand between each print!
  4. Use a clipboard. It's easier for you and your helper. Have them push their hand onto the cardstock on the clipboard. In my experience, it just comes out better and there's less room for smudges since you can pull the clipboard away from their little hands.
  5. Go with it~ smudges and all! If you're like me, you want to give the perfect gift and make the perfect cards. Well, they are toddlers or babies and perfect sometimes isn't an option. Embrace the smudges, enjoy a few laughs, and most importantly, have fun!

My 3 year old now asks when we are making "hands." {I feel like that might be a sign he may be getting too big for these! *tear} So, you know I'm not lying when I say I'm obsessed with these types of projects! 

What handprint projects have you made? Do you have any tips for us? Leave them in the comments! Head on over to the Creigh~ative Connection, my free Facebook group for busy moms just like you! We chat crafts and other "mom" stuff! Click here to join the Creigh~ative Connection.