Are You Making Your List… and Checking it Twice?

How can you show gratitude to everyone this holiday season? A lot of people touch your life and your children’s lives~ have you thought about the bus driver, crossing guards, librarian, gymnastics coach, dance teacher, Girl Scout leader, team members, and your co-workers?  I know that long gift list can be overwhelming and hard to manage or even afford.


One of the biggest ways I beat overwhelm is by having a plan in place. This is especially true for my Christmas gifts. As I was working through my list I decided to put together these cute little lip balm cards just to give to my kids’ preschool teachers.


When I presented them at the school, another mother loved them and convinced me to add them to my Etsy shop. I had never meant for them to make it out to the world but seeing as they are a cute way to give a small gift, they were added to the shop!


You can show your gratitude to everyone this season with an EOS lip balm holiday card for less than $10 per gift. These packs have a card for everyone! Plus each card comes with a sheet of messages you can choose to personalize each card, so you don’t have to try to be witty and creative at the end of a long day when you’re putting these together. The Santa’s Helper pack was designed with children in mind to give to teachers and coaches. You can customize the note on Rudolph’s card to say “Thanks for helping me shine bright!” or add “Thanks Snow Much!” to the snowman card. The Warm Winter Wishes pack is more for co-workers and friends. Perhaps your bestie will appreciate a card with “‘Tis the season for day drinking!” or “All I want for Christmas is wine” and a personal note from you. Send “warm and fuzzy holiday wishes” with a mitten card. There truly is an option for everyone here!

My hope is for you to download this gift giving list and cross off some of those people who touch your life in small {or big!} ways. Teachers do not want another candle or more candy for Christmas. A heartfelt note with a practical gift of lip balm shows your gratitude for them, and gives them something they can actually use. So, cross their names off the list, you have a plan.