10 Tips for Traveling with Littles in the Car

I know it's super easy to throw on a DVD or give your little ones an iPad {or as my littlest intern likes to call it, a "baby computer!"} but there comes a point in a long car ride where screen time is just not enough! So, I like to save it for the very end, we're-out-of-all-of-our-options so let's turn on a movie type deal. Here are 10 tried + true ways we survive long road trips with little ones!

1) Count cars... similar to the license plate game, but search for red, blue, black, any color car!


2) Search for trucks. If you're traveling anywhere up or down 95, I'm sure you'll see a TON of road construction, car carriers, diggers~ you name it, search for it! 


3) The teacher in me has to add this one to the list! Look for letters in your little one's name on signs and at rest stops {or sight words on signs if you have older kids}.

4) Keep a book bin of favorites and a couple of new books for them to look through within their reach. I am lucky enough to get to travel with both of my little interns, so they like to take turns "reading" to each other.

5) Similar to "I Spy"~ Complete a Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. Use dot markers {affiliate link} or a crayon to cross off the images as you find them! 

6) Stickers! So many options~ stick them onto coloring books, paper, or even themselves! {Window clings are also great if your little one can reach the window from the car seat~ pick them up in the dollar bin!}

7) My little interns are obsessed with Post-Its {maybe they get it from their mama ;)} Let your little make "trains" or draw on the squares.  For pictures and more Post-It ideas, read 12 tips for flying with your toddlers.

8) Cover an old cookie sheet with chalkboard paper. Your little ones can color with chalk AND use magnets on it!

9) Make puppets before your trip or bring finger puppets to have a puppet show.

10) Sing! Make a fun road trip playlist or just burst into song. The sillier you are, the better!

Some other tips from previous road trips from this mom of 2~ Take along a potty, plenty of snacks, plastic bags, and wipes! Do YOU have any great tips or suggestions for traveling with little ones? Leave them in the comments!

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