Preschool is Over... Now What?! Summer Boredom Busters

I used to count the days until the end of the school year. As a former teacher, you can imagine the excitement when that last bus pulled away, as we turned in our keys and IDs for yet another year, and locked our classrooms for the final time.

I just couldn't wait for the pool, time with friends, perhaps some day drinking, relaxing, reading lots of mindless books. Oh, that's not how you spend your summers, mamas?! Me either! I was just reminiscing on when that actually WAS my life.


Now, if I'm at the pool with the little interns, there's absolutely no way I am reading a book or enjoying a poolside cocktail! I'm swimming and playing any pool game they can come up with~ and I look forward to the "adult swim times" for different reasons. We can all take a rest from swimming + I can warm up!

For those of us with little guys who are used to a semi-predictable weekly schedule, the summer freedom can be both liberating and terrifying. What if it rains? What are we going to do stuck inside ALL day long!? We have lots of indoor playgrounds around us, but forget it if it rains in the summer. Those places are overrun with "big kids!"

Here are all 4 of my Summer Boredom Busters Videos for you to refer to when you need a break from the sun or some rainy day activities~


1. 4 Different Ways to Use a Paintbrush {that are not painting!}

2. 4 Tools for Painting that are NOT a Paintbrush

3. 4 Crafty Uses for a Sponge

4. 4 Paper Towel Roll Projects

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