Stop Gifting "Things" + Gift Experiences Instead

Father's Day is this weekend and the little interns and I were stumped on what to get our accountant this year! I'm pretty sure he has every button down shirt from J. Crew, doesn't wear ties, and really doesn't have any great hobbies that lend themselves to easy gifts.

After chatting with a friend about our kid's birthdays and deciding that they really do NOT need another toy, and she has decided to gift experiences. While they do not get a "thing" to hold in their tiny hands, they get to make memories and have fun with their friends + family. So, this is my new mantra~ Stop Gifting "Things" and Gift Experiences Instead.

My first attempt at this is this weekend where we made this super cute card. I'll write in a little note about going to Top Golf as a family {wish us luck with the littlest intern on that experience!}


What are you doing for Father's Day? What experience could you gift to your husband or dad? I would love to know in the comments!