10 Eggs-ellent Easter Basket Fillers {that aren't candy!}

While it's tempting to fill an Easter basket with junk & candy, why not get everyone something they can use?! These are some favorites of my little interns and suggestions from other busy moms who hang out in Creigh~ative Connection. If you're looking for a fun Facebook group to get craft ideas + just general mom support, click to join us! {Please note some of the links below are affiliate links, which means it is the same cost to you but if you purchase through these links I will receive a small commission}.


1. Tegu Blocks~ These magnetic wooden blocks are AMAZING. My little interns love to combine their sets and build larger towers or big animals. The case is perfect to throw in your purse and bring to a restaurant or just to have for those meltdown moments!


2. Any Little Figurines~ Whether your child is into Little People, Paw Patrol, princesses, there is some type of little figurine {or vehicle, like Matchbox cars} that you can put in an Easter basket!

3. Juggle Bubbles~ My little interns are obsessed with bubbles, so they are going to have their little minds blown when they open these "magic bubbles!" 

4. Window Clings~ Check the Target dollar bin for Easter and Spring themed window clings. It still amazes me how much time they can spend playing with these!

5. Beach Toys~ One Creigh~ative mom is putting together a beach-themed Easter basket, complete with a bunny shaped towel {like they make on a cruise!}. A super cute and very practical gift!


6. Books~ I will always say books are the best gifts, and they are fun to look back on! My little interns love to read the little notes to them in the front of the books from each different holiday {note to self: come up with another inscription besides "Love you to the moon and back!}. These Water Works books are also huge hits in our house. These are great for the car since there's no mess!

7. Play Doh or clay~ Obviously, Play Doh is a huge hit for kids! You can make an entire Play Doh themed basket if you wanted to get one some of those little tools and alphabet shapes to cut out and play with. The modeling clay is a little harder to manipulate, but still great to strengthen those hands and fingers, and allows for more detail. We make faces out of the clay and stick them right into the Play Doh {it comes apart easily, trust me, I don't like mixing Play Doh colors either!}.

8. Playsilks~ Another Creigh~ative mom in Creigh~ative Connection introduced me to these amazing playsilks! Perfect for imaginative play~ these silks can be used as scarves, belts, capes, and so much more!

One of the flower pots made from a Creigh~ative Kid Kit subscriber! Get all of your supplies for 3 crafty projects delivered straight to your door.

One of the flower pots made from a Creigh~ative Kid Kit subscriber! Get all of your supplies for 3 crafty projects delivered straight to your door.




9. Art Supplies~ coloring books, crayons, stickers, markers, any type of consumable art supply that's great for independent work. Not crafty? Pick up a Creigh~ative Kid Kit to put in the basket~ everything you need for 3 crafts, 2 songs, and 1 activity based around a Spring theme





image1 (1).JPG


10. EOS Lip Balm Cards~ From bunny butts to Easter eggs to cool chicks, I've got you covered with a cute card + practical EOS lip balm gift! 


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