Easy + Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

Green shirts, St. Patrick's Day parades, leprechaun "bait" and "traps," rainbow crafts. With all of the options to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, it can get overwhelming as parents. Here are some fun + easy St. Patrick's Day activities for your kids.


1. Themed Breakfast.

  • Green pancakes
  • Green eggs + ham
  • Lucky Charms with green milk

There are so many options for green food!

2. Leprechauns. These little green men can wreak havoc on their favorite day of the year!

  • You could easily throw together some leprechaun "bait". There are lots of different options for this, and here's an easy recipe: Lucky Charms, marshmallows, green mint M&Ms, pretzel sticks, and Chex cereal. 
  • Leprechaun footprints~ use your fist and your fingers to make little green "footprints" everywhere {I used to do this in my classroom which was a little easier to clean. This may be a good outside activity if you're lucky to have a warm St. Patrick's Day this year!}.
  • Build a leprechaun trap. Moms that hang out over in Creigh~ative Connection {are you in our Facebook group yet?! Come join us!} reported lots of different options for traps. Lucky Charms, shiny coins, little footprints... some brave moms include glitter and a big mess! One leprechaun leaves chocolate coins in exchange for the shiny coins the kids leave out! Have FUN with this {and if you're worried about the mess, bring it outside!}.

3.  Craft! {You had to know this one was coming!}

You can read more about how to make this project over at Plaid.

You can read more about how to make this project over at Plaid.

  • Save your little one's handprints with this adorable rainbow craft. You can do this on a canvas or a piece of cardstock and frame it. 
  • Make some rainbows! Use Fruit Loops, dot markers, paint, crayons, markers, glitter {gasp!}, whatever you and your kids feel like using to make a special rainbow.

However you celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your kids, enjoy! Wear a green scarf, {make sure your kids are in green so they aren't "pinched" at school!}, eat some Lucky Charms, and tell us about your leprechaun adventures in the comments!

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