What Are You Grateful For? A Year of Gratitude

For many, grand thoughts of thankfulness and gestures of gratitude become present around the holidays… and why shouldn’t they? Families are gathered, friends are near, and the joyful spirit~ not to mention that glorious holiday music~ lends itself to feelings of gratefulness all around.

But life is fleeting. And holiday-induced gratitude is just a blip on our own personal timelines, serving as only one small opportunity to recognize all our blessings.

Gratitude Jars serve as a way for families, individuals, and friends to count their blessings and reflect on happy times throughout their lives. Full of positivity, these jars can serve multiple purposes for anyone wishing to document small moments that brought about a smile, a giggle, a milestone, or perhaps even a tear!

Ok, Kim, how do I get started?


Gratitude Jars are easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Purchase a mason jar, or any type of container that suits your décor needs and style, a pad of small pieces of paper {post-its work in a pinch!}, and a pen. That’s it! Place your Gratitude Jar in a central location so that you’ll be sure to visit it often, as you’ll want to have easy access to document all your future favorite moments! Make it part of your morning or nighttime routine and watch your blessings overflow!

If you’re feeling extra creigh-ative, you can decorate your jar with paint, sparkles, glitter, stickers, etc. and add any personal touches you see fit. This can be a great kid-friendly activity and a meaningful way to introduce the Gratitude Jar and its purpose to your children. Not ready to craft? Check out a customizable and oh-so-cute Gratitude Jar for purchase here.

Who are Gratitude Jars for?

While my Gratitude Jar serves as a collection of memories for my family to look back on, these jars can be for anyone; plus, they make great gifts! Check out some of our favorite uses below!


Did Sarah score her first soccer goal on April 10, 2017? Did you take the team out for ice-cream afterwards? Sure, you took some photos on your phone, but how are you going to remember that Sarah’s tooth fell out on the soccer field and both teams spent 30 minutes trying to find it? Exactly. Write it down and put it in the jar!


Gratitude Jars are a great way to build a classroom community. A great gift to give and get at the beginning of the year, teachers and students can add to the jar as often as they wish and reflect on happy moments throughout each quarter! {Bonus: As kids add to the jar, they’ll be working on their handwriting and Language Arts skills like recalling, retelling, and summarizing!}. These also make great end-of-the-year presents for teachers~ have your child write the notes and give all of these precious memories to their teacher!


Think back to all those special dates and events you shared with your significant other. You might have pictures, but what did that goofy waiter say to you on your honeymoon and what did Uncle Ronnie (everybody has an Uncle Ronnie, right?!) do on the dance floor at your wedding? Write it down, pop it in the jar, and you’ll remember forever (or at least for a little bit longer)!

New Parents

Kind of a like a freeform baby book, parents (through a sleep-deprived haze) can document the memories surrounding baby’s first milestones; first smile (who was it at?), first tooth (let’s talk about teething!), first steps (where were they?), and more!

Grab some Thankful tags here!

Want your very own "I am thankful for..." tags to use in your very own Gratitude Jar? Simply click the image above to download yours!

When do we empty the jar?

This is completely up to you! Whether you’re interested in looking at your memories each month, a few times a year, or just once a year, you can decide when you’re ready to peek and relive all your memories! Dedicate a time with those you love to open the jar and read each memory together. We’re pretty sure you’ll laugh, smile, and maybe even cry your way through the jar! Ahhhh, memories.

There’s no better time to get started on a Gratitude Jar. Build it into your daily routine and enjoy looking back and counting your blessings each and every day. Share in the comments what you're thankful for today!

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