Are You and Your Child Ready for Back to School?

I'm not talking school supplies. You should probably get those too. I'm not talking about summer reading {although you should read all of the time, not just during the summer~ but that's the reading teacher in me and another whole post!}. I'm not talking about the "knowledge" your child should have for preschool, kindergarten, middle school, etc. I'm asking if YOU are ready with a few tips on how to get your child ready for that big first day as well!


In the county that I live in, most students attended half day kindergarten last year. My FIRST child {oldest little intern!} starts elementary school this coming year and they switched to full day K! Most parents are overjoyed, and the teacher in me knows it's what is best for him. However, when I look at my little 5-year-old and realize our summer days {and his naps!} are coming to an end in a few short weeks, I think HOW is he going to make it through school ALL day? Which leads me to my first point...


Your child should be able to function without you. If they are starting preschool, there may be tears {from both of you!}, and that's totally normal and expected. I know the biggest thing as a first grade teacher was getting those little 6-year-olds to be independent. Can they tie their own shoes? Maybe not at 6, but I silently thanked every parent who still had their kids in velcro shoes. If your child cannot do something, can they figure out how? By the end of first grade, we had shoe tying friends who would tie their shoes for them.

Can your child...

  • Open their lunch box?
  • Follow simple directions?
  • Open their snacks?  
  • Unpack their backpack?
  • Read independently {If you have a beginning reader, can they flip through and look at pictures?}
  • Open a combination lock for their locker? {This is a HUGE thing most middle schoolers stress over!}. 

These are things you can work on during these last few days of summer!



I think most people think "crafty" when they think creativity, but creativity encompasses so much more! According to, creative means "resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative." Most parents claim they are not creative, but I bet you can come up with multiple examples of when you had a different or original thought! 

Can your child...

  • Participate in pretend play?
  • Make up a story? {Verbally or written?} 
  • Create something original with a bunch of different art supplies? {Instead of copying their neighbor?}

Encourage your child to think outside of the box!


Adults function better with routines, so of course, your little ones should have those too! Think about your morning~ what can you do the night before that helps you prepare for the day? 

Can you...

  • Make lunches?
  • Lay out clothes?
  • Pack backpacks?
  • Put backpacks by the door?

Also, think about the routines you want after school.

  • Does your child get a snack?
  • Do they get screen time?
  • How can they relax before sports, dinner, family time?

Remember, your child has been "on" all day in school. They probably don't want to jump off of the bus and tell you everything about their day. Make a routine to give them some space and some time alone, then ask your questions at dinner! Think about those bedtime routines as well, and set your child up for success for the next day.

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