Engage, Excite, + Entertain with Crafts this Summer.

Have you ever wondered....

                                The May Creigh♥ative Kid Kit was a bird theme.

                               The May Creigh♥ative Kid Kit was a bird theme.

♥ What am I going to do all summer with my kids?
♥ How can I limit screen time?
♥ How can I plan meaningful activities with my kids?
♥ Is there a crafty box that delivers everything I need straight to my doorstep?

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Imagine activities and crafts with no tears of boredom or frustration {from you or your kids!}. Instead of tears or meltdowns, you hear laughing, singing, + have meaningful conversations with your kids. You see crafty, creative masterpieces and a captivated, happy child. As a busy mom, you feel fulfilled and excited to be spending time with your little one.

This isn't your typical craft kit. Everything you need is packaged and delivered straight to your doorstep each month. Creigh♥ative Concepts, or teachable moments, are included for you to discuss and work on with your little one when they are crafting, singing, + playing with you.

                   The February Creigh♥ative Kid Kit was a Valentines theme. 

                  The February Creigh♥ative Kid Kit was a Valentines theme. 

3 crafts
Everything you need to complete 3 developmentally-appropriate crafts {aside from common items like glue or scissors}. 

2 songs
The songs are great to sing while you craft, or are a great way to get up + move between crafts. There are so many great benefits to music, including language, emotional, and memory development. 

1 activity
The activities vary from kit to kit. These can include a game or some type of movement that develops gross motor skills.

Based on feedback from customers, we are excited to offer both a younger {aged 2-4} and older {aged 5-8} Creigh♥ative Kid Kit for the Summer subscription!

Each Creigh♥ative Kid Kit is based around one theme~ themes for the Summer Subscription kits include Patriot, Summer Fun, + Community.

Summer Creigh♥ative Kid Kits will be shipped to you June 30th, July 14th, and August 4th.

Order your Summer Creigh♥ative Kid Kits by June 28th!


The cost for the Summer Subscription is currently $75 {that's $25/kit!} with FREE shipping through 6/18. The price increases $10 to cover shipping costs on June 18th.

Because of the amount of care put into each Creigh♥ative Kid Kit, all sales are final.

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Here's what some past customers have to say about our kits~

 "I've purchased kid kits in the past and have always been worried about the quality matching the investment. I really liked the quality and the variety of art activities in the Creigh♥ative Kid Kits and how they are relevant and meaningful to the season. 

Creigh♥ative Kid Kits encourage fine, even gross, motor skills. I really enjoyed the how the kits allowed us to get away from the electronics and created a time for me to bond with my children. I highly recommend Creigh♥ations and their products."

~mom of a 2 + 4 year old

I was wowed!!! I do lots of crafting and “Pinterest” activities with my kids, but as time fillers- Not as teaching moments. This kit has more activities than we usually do in month, and each activity was educational, well planned, and easy to execute. My toddler and pre-schooler loved choosing their craft and I loved that everything was ready to go. It’s also my new go-to gift for all of those birthday parties~ something unique that moms and kids will appreciate! We can’t wait for next month’s box of fun!!!
— Jess, mom of a 2 + 4 year old
Julia had a blast with her Creigh♥ative Kid Kit! The theme fit perfectly well with our 4th of July events so everything we did was relevant and meaningful to her. Each activity also encouraged Julia to work on her fine motor skills- from peeling the stickers to strategically placing glue {with mom’s help} onto her crown. We also loved the songs as we sang while we worked and then once we were done. It was neat to hear Julia use the megaphone to scream “U S A!”
— Suzy, mom of a 3 year old

The Creigh♥ative Kid Kit brings Pinterest to you!

You do not have to be crafty, since everything is included with step-by-step instructions. Break it up into multiple days if the thought of completing 3 crafts is overwhelming to you.


 Summer kits will~

♥ work with your child on fine motor skills using tools
♥ focus on gross motor skills with different movements in the activities provided
♥ develop math skills
♥ keep your child engaged without a screen
♥ practice prereading and reading skills
♥ spend quality time crafting with your kids


I'm Kim Creigh, owner of Creigh♥ations, and I can't wait to help you spend quality time crafting with your little ones!

As a "retired" teacher turned crafter, I've combined both of my loves into this amazing product. I also have my 2 little interns, who happen to be 3 and 5 years old, who test each and every craft, song, + activity found in the kits!


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1. What ages are these kits geared towards? Can my 2 year old really do these crafts?

We are excited to offer TWO different crafty kits this Summer for 2 different ages. Creigh♥ative Kid Kits are geared for 2-4 year olds and the older kits are for ages 5-8. The younger kits require more adult participation, but all ages should be able to complete these developmentally appropriate activities!

2. How much time does it take me to complete a Creigh♥ative Kid Kit?

Past customers have stated it can take 45 minutes to 2 hours. One mom loves this kit because she splits the crafts and activities into different days. The songs and activities can be sung and played as many times as you want!

3. How is this delivered? Do I have to pay for shipping?

If you order before June 23rd, shipping is on me! If you order after June 23rd, you will need to pay $10 for shipping.

4. How is this different from other craft kits?

Creigh♥ative Concepts, or teachable moments, from me {a "retired" teacher!} are what sets the Creigh♥ative Kid Kit apart from other kits. The kits also include songs and an activity around a theme to compliment your crafting experience!

5. What do I do with these beautiful crafty creations when we are done making them?

While some of the crafts can easily be displayed on the fridge, some are bulky and not as easy to display. The box that the kit comes in is a great "home" for your little one's beautiful creations!

6. Where do you come up with the themes?

At the beginning of the year, themes are created around the seasons and holidays. Other popular preschool themes may be added as the year progresses. Themes for the Summer subscription are Patriotic, Summer Fun, + Community.

7. Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. Please contact hello@creighations.com for more information.

8. What craft supplies are included?

Everything you need is included, aside from common household items such as glue and scissors. The Parent Letter provided in each kit will tell you any additional supplies you will need. 

The cost for the Summer Subscription is currently $75 {that's $25/kit}. The price goes up to $85 to cover shipping on June 18th.

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